The cliche that every customer is unique is true to IT services, and addressing their individual needs is growing more complex.


Delivering Efficient IT Support to Employees Working From Home

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) poses a new challenge for organizations worldwide and it could affect you as well. Many companies are forced to limit their operations and move their employees to the home office environment, while IT teams work around the clock to deliver the best support possible to their end users.

Working from home environment, including corporate device strategy, using personal devices to perform job duties, creating and scaling VPN solution and optimizing applications in use not only increased demands on your IT department but also limited the support ability of your IT providers, especially due to travel problems.

To help you cope with your existing IT challenges during and after the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve put together a free guide that will accelerate and improve the home office set-up process to reach quick, more efficient and reliable service delivery, and to enable efficient work from home.

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Transformed ITSM Outsourcing

The client

A leading global supplier of technologies, automation, and services for manufacturing and energy industries with a revenue of 3,5 bln EUR and 13 000 em ployees in 33 countries.


The client was looking for a comprehensive solution in order to provide support regionally in multiple countries, or even globally, which required an initial consultation to deeply understand the customer’s corporate environment and IT infrastructure.

They were seeking an outsourcing partner to coordinate different IT providers in each country and support the in-house IT team based in the headquarters, and:

  • resolve communication issues with multiple providers
  • lower IT operation costs
  • elevate the overview of services provided in each country
  • uniform IT processes, cost controls and billing process
  • centralize ITSM and manage costs in real-time


Within 4 weeks the customer had integrated KompiTech BLiTS ITSM with their existing ITSM tool, and onboarded all engineers onto one platform.

We have captured the customer’s existing IT documentation into BLiTS Auto-Contract tool, which has reduced the time of service agreement negotiation to 2 weeks only, and with the BLiTS Smart Workflow we mirrored and expended the customer’s process from the existing ITSM system.


Within only 10 days we captured all customer’s requirements, analyzed pain-points and defined desired a new IT Services Management Plan.

The process of submitting tickets has substantially transformed from manual entries to automated process and workflow with 40% cost reduction of IT service operations by automating the majority of in-house and field engineers’ field tasks, and eliminated 100% costs of engineer licensing fee of the prior ITSM system.

Autonomous service transformation relieved the in-house senior IT managers from previous daily management responsibilities allowing them to focus on other important tasks.